Initial Consultation

This is our chance to get to know your business and determine whether or not we can help you. During the course of our phone call, we will ask guided questions to get you talking about your business. Afterwards, we will provide a report with our initial assessment. This will focus on strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

Strategy Sessions

Where appropriate, we will offer strategic input in the following areas:

Alignment – is your business vision, identity, and direction aligned? Are you heading where you want to be going? Getting this step right is crucial to how you communicate your value to your customers.

Differentiating factor – what sets you apart from your competitors? You might think you know this, but do your customers?

Marketing strategy – do you know how effectively your marketing dollars are working? You want to communicate your differentiating factor to your customers in such a way that cuts waste and improves sales and brand recognition. Any dollar spent that doesn’t help reach that objective has been wasted.

Systems – Imagine being able to focus only on tasks that help your business grow. Instead of doing every little task in your company yourself, implementing systems and processes can help your business function better. This saves you time, effort, and money. An example is tools that automate certain actions. Another is redesigning workflow within your team so jobs get done more efficiently.


We’ll bring in experts to implement our recommendations:

Copywriting: Every word your business produces has the chance to either draw potential customers to you or push them away. Copywriting is simply telling your story in such a way that encourages positive relationships with prospects and customers. Copywriting is the bridge between strategy and tactics, and is where you can begin to see the results of everything we’ve done up to now. The following are services we offer:

Content planning – determine the types of content you’ll publish and the platforms through which you’ll publish them. This warms prospects up to the possibility of buying from you while building your brand.

Website content – your website is a crucial driver of traffic, even to your bricks-and-mortar location. The challenge is keeping prospects on your site long enough for them to take action. The quality of your content is what makes the difference.
Sales letters (online and offline) – the grandfather of persuasive copy, the sales letter is your heavy hitter, having a direct impact on your revenue.

Email list-building – don’t just sell to your customers once; sell to them again and again! Build a list of email addresses so you can continue to interact with prospects or customers. A list allows you to make multiple attempts at selling to the same person, even if they didn’t buy the first time.

Landing pages/squeeze pages/ opt-in forms – use shorter pieces of persuasive copy to compel someone to take an action.

Banner/print ads – drive traffic to your website or store with powerful headlines and calls-to-action.

Website development – while the copy keeps the prospect around, simple design gives the copy a chance to work. Get a professionally designed website from one of our partners.

Graphic design – use the right colors and imagery on your website, in your logo, and in all your marketing materials to reinforce your brand image.

Content development – blog posts, articles, videos, etcetera all play an important role in establishing your brand and building your relationship with customers.

Search engine optimization (SEO) – get found online using targeted keyword research and placement.

Social media – build relationships with prospects and customers where they spend time.


We’ll monitor your progress while testing our implementation. This will refine how we communicate your message, making it more effective and, ultimately, more profitable.

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